Lewis Current Status:

Lewis has a busted board, and there's no current estimated time to repair. New snappy computer, but can't move.

ATRV Jr Current Status:

Everything's working

Notes On Using Lewis:


To access Lewis, you'll need to ssh into kermit.cse.wustl.edu. The computer that is currently working on Lewis is "tom"; if this hostname does not resolve, use This connection is over 802.11g wireless.

Kermit is meant to be a server for storing data from Lewis. Be aware that this machine is not backed up, so be sure to keep your code in CVS somewhere else. I will keep the environment on kermit as close to the environments on tom and mot as possible.

Kermit and tom both run Debian Linux (Etch/Testing). They both use the SMP enabled, Pentium optimized 2.6.15 kernel.


Please don't mess with Lewis' hardware. You should not need to open the side panels; if there really is something in there you need to check or adjust, please find me or Bill (in that order) first. If you need to move Lewis around, hit the red emergency stop button first.

Notes On Using Robots in General:

DO NOT store code on robots. If you do not have a copy of your code in some other location, be it CVS, your CS account, gmail, etc., you're asking for trouble. Always assume that the hard drive is 10 seconds away from dying. Robot hardware is notoriously unpredictable-- you do not want to lose a weeks worth of work when a drive crashes.